Caddy Web Server

Caddy ServerCaddy is an HTTP/2 web server which automatically configures your site to use HTTPS. It uses the excellent and free Let’s Encrypt certificate authority to obtain and install an SSL certificate for your site. This is seamlessly done in the background and works very well.

The configuration file (known as a Caddyfile) is simple to set up and deploy. The caddyfile documentation is easy to follow and gets you up to speed very quickly.

For example, here is the Caddyfile the I put together to serve Kevindustries:

While I still use Nginx for most of the sites that I am the administrator/webmaster for, Caddy is a robust and easy to use and set up web server. It’s another tool in the web server toolbox and will be certainly considered for future projects. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

The great thing about Caddy is that if you are not very technically inclined, it is still pretty easy to get running. If you get stuck and would like some help, please fill out a Service Request.